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Rule no 1 RELAXXXX


Do not get wet or sweat until first rinse. This means no showering, working out, lotions or liquid foundation on the skin.

If you have pets do not let them lick you.


Take first shower after predetermined time.


Do not use soap, body wash, sponge...


You can use only hands to wash off cosmetic bronzer.

Rinse off bronzer by luke warm water and start from toe and finish on face. Do not skip ears.


After showering pat the skin dry rather than rub.


Do not use any moisturisers/ body lotions/ soaps/shower gel.. for 24 hours after your first rinse.


First night after spray tan make sure you have soft long pants and long sleeve cotton tee to put on.


Do not exfoliate until the very end of your tans life.

Exception: if you see patches on sweat area ( under boobs, hands, neck ..) you can gently exfoliate during shower to blend it.

The more hydrated your skin is the longer your tan will last.

Your moisturiser should be free of mineral oil.


You may use a tan extending lotion that contains DHA after day three.


In addition, be sure to drink lots of water.


*If you do not rinse at your designated time your tan may develop too dark or patchy. 

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